Build empires inside your browser

An eternal on-chain game running on StarkNet

An Eternal World

The Realms are your fantasy universe.
Realms: ETERNUM is the first module in an infinitely expanding player-owned game world.

A next generation MMO.
Raise empires, raid resources, control relics.
Maintain your cities and finesse
your forces, or fall into ruin.

Play with Freedom

Dominate the battlefield. Out-smart the market. Exercise diplomacy. Take down the powerful or prey on the weak?
Your world, your choice.

The Realms Resist

It’s not just the other Lords you need to conquer: the Realms are home to powerful environmental entities seeking to drag your empire into decay.

Built on StarkNet

Real-time, deeply strategic gameplay. On-chain and unstoppable. Eternal play is made possible by StarkNet and Ethereum.

Your Sovereign Empire

Each Realm is a unique and powerful state, capable of producing resources and raising armies. There are 8,000 Realms.

Bibliotheca DAO
Stewards of on-chain gaming

Bibliotheca DAO is a pioneering web3 game studio
building eternal games on StarkNet.

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